Rentals at Providence Academy and Officers Row

 In The Historic Trust

Looking to change up your work space? Surround yourself with history while you work.  Explore leasing an office at Providence Academy or on Officers Row!

Surround yourself with history by locating your business at Providence Academy or Officers Row. These ideal locations in and near downtown Vancouver have easy access from I-5 and are close to banking, shopping, legal, dining, and civic venues. Rental unit sizes range anywhere from 150 sq ft to 1,500 sq ft and can be anything from a single room office to a multi-room office.

These beautiful and historic locations offer a unique place to set up shop for you and your employees. Their settings on or near the Vancouver National Historic Reserve offer great walking opportunities to refresh your perspective during the work day.

Contact Property Manager Kristina Oviatt today at for more information about how you can rent an office space.


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