Individual Giving

Thank you for your gift.

As an individual, you make a powerful difference in the community through your support of The Historic Trust. Take pride in knowing you contribute to an organization that gives back. You help The Historic Trust maintain community programs, renovate and restore historic buildings, and add to the vitality of Clark County. Your contribution is important in sustaining the organization and the daily operations necessary for the success of the Trust. Gifts are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Ask your employer if they provide matching funds. Matching funds from your employer (often a dollar-for-dollar match) can double your giving to the Trust and have a greater impact.

Volunteer Opportunities

Giving back to the community is a personal decision, and many times our supporters wish they could do more. Support comes in many fashions, and are not always monetary. Please consider adding a gift of your valuable time to The Historic Trust. Each year, our organization is the beneficiary of hundreds of hours of volunteer time that are mission critical. These hours allow us to provide tour guides, teaching assistants and mentors at the Pearson Field Education Center, renovation projects, set-up and cleaning crews before and after events, and much more.

Volunteer Jim Bunzey worked with Trust Maintenance Staff on a highly-visible project to update the park benches along Officers Row. Jim’s work has drawn a great deal of attention to the property, and praise from visitors and residents, alike.

Please visit our Volunteer Page for more information and details.