Movies in the Park: The Big Lebowski

The Bandstand at Fort Vancouver (across from The Grant House, 1101 Officers Row) 612 E Reserve St, Vancouver, WA

A slacker known to his friends as "The Dude" gets mixed up in a convoluted kidnapping plot with an eccentric millionaire whose name he shares. Grab your picnic blanket or lawn chair and come down to the Fort Vancouver National Site for a movie on the big screen. Seating opens at 7:30 pm and movies […]


Special Saturday: Girls in Aviation Day

Pearson Field Education Center 201A East Reserve Street, Vancouver, WA

Join Pearson Field Education Center & Airway Science for Kids for a day filled with hands on aviation activities, opportunities to meet women who work in the Aerospace Industry, giveaways, snacks and more! At 2:00 we will be making a special announcement and everyone in attendance will have an opportunity to win some amazing prizes. […]

CANCELED – Walk & Talk – Life on Officers Row

Officers Row Evergreen Blvd and Reserve, Vancouver, WA

Have you ever imagined what it was like to live in the beautiful homes on Officers Row? In this month's Walk & Talk we'll explore late 19th century family life on Officers Row including the role of wives in the Army, the experiences of children living on an Army base and how Officers Row influenced […]

Walk & Talk – Washerwomen, Buffalo Soldiers and the Red Cross

Artillery Barracks 600 E Hatheway, Vancouver, Washington

The West Barracks represents the history of soldiers, physicians, nurses and laborers who built, shaped and nurtured their community. On this tour you’ll explore a neighborhood where the Army’s non-commissioned officers and their families resided, visit the Red Cross Building, and learn about the year that the 24th Infantry Regiment of Buffalo Soldiers served at Vancouver […]

The Lough Legacy Veterans Parade

Officers Row Evergreen Blvd and Reserve, Vancouver, WA

34th Annual Lough Legacy Veterans Parade The Lough Legacy Veterans Parade celebrates the service and sacrifice area veterans have made for our freedom in partnership with the City of Vancouver.   These events are made possible through a generous donation from Frank and JoAnne Lough who dedicated resources in support of Veterans Day Services. Year after […]

Hidden Histories: The South Vietnamese Side of the Vietnam War

Artillery Barracks 600 E Hatheway, Vancouver, Washington

The Vietnam War is seen by much of the Western world as being fought between the Americans and North Vietnamese Communists, with the South Vietnamese largely absent. Yet many Vietnamese refugees who came to America after the war served in the South Vietnamese military, and there is little recognition and understanding of their contributions and […]

Walk & Talk – The Generals, 10 am

O.O. Howard House 750 Anderson St., Vancouver, WA

On May 13, 1849, the USS Massachusetts, a troop transport steamer, docked in Vancouver. It carried Bvt. Maj. J.S. Hatheway, along with seven other officers, some wives and children and 152 enlisted soldiers.  Hathweay was the first of many prominent US Army leaders who would called Vancouver Barracks home. On this tour we will share […]


Special Saturday: The Legacy of Friendship Quilts

Providence Academy 400 E. Evergreen Blvd., Vancouver, WA

Saturday, November 19th 10 am - 2 pm The Enchanted Rose Emporium at Providence Academy For this month's Special Saturday, you're invited to be part of the long legacy of contributing to a friendship quilt. Friendship quilts gained popularity in the 1840s. Made with scraps and inscribed with the names of friends and family, friendship […]

Special Saturday: Santa at the Marshall House

The Marshall House 1301 Officers Row, Vancouver, WA

Special Saturday: Santa at the Marshall HouseSanta is here at our beautiful Marshall House, traditionally decorated for the holidays to take photos and receive hand delivered letters and wish lists. Guests can make holiday crafts, listen to a holiday story and simply enjoy some quality family time. All children will receive goodie bags with hot […]


The Ne Plus Ultra Jass Orchestra

Providence Academy 400 E. Evergreen Blvd., Vancouver, WA

Since 2016, The Ne Plus Ultra Jass Orchestra has been delighting audiences with the music of the roaring 20s and Depression era 30s. Under the leadership of master showman Sammuel Murry-Hawkins, the ensemble transports audiences to the golden age of Hot Jazz and Sweet Dance Music, specializing in the tunes of Cab Calloway, Irving Berlin, […]