Providence Academy Site Redevelopment

a center of community activity where modern-day use merges with history

The Historic Trust’s vision is to make Providence Academy a center of community activity where modern-day use merges with history.

The Trust seeks to sell the west end of the property to create a mixed-use urban campus in service of The Trust’s vision of an active Providence Academy site. Proceeds of the sale will pay off the site’s purchase debt and put The Trust in the financial position to preserve and renovate the Providence Academy building. In addition to an estimated $5.5 million from the sale, Marathon Acquisition & Development’s planned project will invest an estimated $3 million in bringing the site up to current code standards and improve its safety.

The Trust and Marathon used the following Guiding Principles as a framework for the redevelopment:

  • Preservation: Preserve the Providence Academy building and landscape within a viable mixed-use urban campus
  • Compatibility: New construction and additions should be compatible, while differentiated from the historic Providence Academy building
  • Fiscal Sustainability: Redevelopment and improvements on the Providence Academy site should be fiscally self-supporting
  • Safety and Code Compliance: Preservation and redevelopment shall seek to enhance the safety and code compliant elements of the buildings and site
  • Stakeholders and Public Benefit: Redevelopment and improvements will consider community, tenant, donor, and stakeholder input, and provide for public benefits

Updated Providence Academy Redevelopment Plan

The Historic Trust and Marathon have engaged the community in the Providence Academy site redevelopment project through stakeholder engagement interviews; the April 17, 2018 public open house; creation of the Academy Advisory Team that developed the recommendations for plan revisions based on feedback from the public, stakeholders, the Clark County Historic Preservation Commission (CCHPC) and the City of Vancouver; and the May 31, 2018 updated redevelopment plan presentation and open house.

Marathon’s changes to the new buildings shaped by feedback from the public, stakeholders, the Clark County Historic Preservation Commission (CCHPC), and the City of Vancouver and recommendations from the Academy Advisory Team include:

Improve view corridor from the corner of C Street and Evergreen by moving Building A back 16 feet and increasing the public plaza by roughly 1,300 SF.

Add more red brick to the development on Building A above the East and West lobby entrances and in the site’s hardscaping.

Incorporated more decorative elements by adding concrete “faux-stone” sills to the storefront windows, changing the balcony railings traditional black vertical steel pickets, and arching all lobby entrance awnings and the plaza canopy.

Make the C Street view corridor more attractive by changing the pathways to red brick and adding interpretative art.

Next Steps:

We have completed the removal of the El Presidente building and recycled as much of the materials as possible. We would like to thank the the community for their patience.

The renovations and rehabilitation of the chapel and ballroom are quite a sight to see.  Please take a tour of these amazing public spaces and see the incredible detailed work that has taken place.

The next order of business is to test the stability and viability of the iconic smokestack.  Testing will take place in May as we do our due diligence in our preservation efforts of the entire Providence Academy campus.  The outlying structures are challenged. The Historic Trust remains committed to preserving what we can within this project.