Providence Academy Site Redevelopment

a center of community activity where modern-day use merges with history

The Historic Trust’s vision is to make Providence Academy a center of community activity where modern-day use merges with history.

The Trust seeks to sell the west end of the property to create a mixed-use urban campus in service of The Trust’s vision of an active Providence Academy site. Proceeds of the sale will pay off the site’s purchase debt and put The Trust in the financial position to preserve and renovate the Providence Academy building. In addition to an estimated $5.5 million from the sale, Marathon Acquisition & Development’s planned project will invest an estimated $3 million in bringing the site up to current code standards and improve its safety.

The Trust and Marathon used the following Guiding Principles as a framework for the redevelopment:

  • Preservation: Preserve the Providence Academy building and landscape within a viable mixed-use urban campus
  • Compatibility: New construction and additions should be compatible, while differentiated from the historic Providence Academy building
  • Fiscal Sustainability: Redevelopment and improvements on the Providence Academy site should be fiscally self-supporting
  • Safety and Code Compliance: Preservation and redevelopment shall seek to enhance the safety and code compliant elements of the buildings and site
  • Stakeholders and Public Benefit: Redevelopment and improvements will consider community, tenant, donor, and stakeholder input, and provide for public benefits

Updated Providence Academy Redevelopment Plan

The Historic Trust and Marathon Development have formed a Providence Academy Advisory Team, comprised of architecture, design and development professionals, and community stakeholders, to formulate design recommendations from the public comments for Aegis Phase II.

Marathon Development has completed the preliminary design of Aegis Phase II on the northern portion of the Providence Academy site. Aegis Phase II includes two multi-family buildings, a parking structure and an estimated 74,000 sq. ft. of open space.  Future work on the Academy by The Historic Trust includes rehabilitation of the north gallery porches, site planning, upgrades to HVAC, installation of additional interpretive elements, and interior preservation.

If you missed the Open House and would like to provide comments, please click on the link below.  Comments will be accepted until October 23, 2019.

Next Steps:

An independent engineering firm analyzed the stability and viability of the iconic smokestack and boiler room. The assessments concluded there is “severe structural deterioration” and “failure” with both structures. The City of Vancouver deems them unsafe and has asked for a plan by March 2020 as to how to address these structures.

The outlying structures were challenged when The Historic Trust took ownership of the property in 2015.

The Historic Trust remains committed to preserving what is feasible for the Providence Academy and its ancillary structures.