Officers Row & West Barracks

Officers Row & West Barracks Tour

For over a century, these late 19th and early 20th century homes on Officers Row along the north side of Evergreen Boulevard in the Historic Reserve served as residential housing for many soldiers, officers, and families stationed at Vancouver Barracks. Of particular note are Grant, Marshall, and Howard houses. Take a walk with us and learn about the buildings and the people who lived and worked in them.

The Officers Row/West Barracks tour was a perfect blend of architectural detail and historical stories. We loved it.  – Eileen T.

Several U.S. Army buildings in the West Barracks have been renovated into beautiful residential and commercial mixed-use properties that feature unique historical touches. Take a walk among the Artillery Barracks, Red Cross Building, Dental Surgeon’s Building, Infantry Barracks, Spruce Mill Division Records Storehouse, and learn their stories.

Walking Distance: 1.0 mile, sidewalk with some uneven ground.