Information for Proposers

The Historic Trust (“The Trust”) is seeking statements of qualifications from firms to provide a limited-scope, targeted study to examine potential market opportunities and reuses for some City of Vancouver-owned properties in the Officers Row and West Barracks sections of the Vancouver National Historic Reserve. 

This page contains or will contain:

  • A PDF RFQ packet for RFQ 2024 HR01 with complete instructions, dates, scope of work, and information.
  • Background material for proposer reference, detailed below.
  • Login information for non-mandatory pre-proposal meeting on May 9 (to come). 
  • If required, any addendum to RFQ.
  • Online submission form and upload link.

Questions or Requests for Clarification must be sent to Temple Lentz via email to and be received by 4:00 p.m. on May 16, 2024. Incomplete or late inquiries may not be considered. If required, an addendum addressing these matters will be issued by no later than 5:00 p.m. on May 20, 2024.

Materials for Download

RFQ 2024 HR01

This is the RFQ packet with complete scope of work details, background information, deadlines, and general information sheet that is required as a part of the proposer’s submittal.

Vancouver Barracks Reuse Plan – 2001

The City of Vancouver and The Historic Trust engaged several studies to explore feasibility and reuse of the West Barracks area as they acquired it from the US Army. In 1984, the City acquired Officers Row and developed those homes into commercial and residential units. In the mid-‘90s, the OO Howard House was added. The West Barracks unit offered a much more diverse set of offerings and invited more study. 

Post Hospital Conceptual Reuse Study

2013 study exploring possible future use of 1904 Post Hospital building and connection to Columbia River Crossing project.

Capital Facilities Plan

This 2018 plan for capital work on the campus included an inventory of buildings that is a helpful reference. Building information is generally correct, though some of the architectural descriptions are not.

Executive Team Meeting 9-1-2020

Plans for the VPS Admin building, next door to the OO Howard House. Will be occupied by VPD admin for at least next five years, but may be a redevelopment opportunity at some point, especially due to its proximity to “community connector” of new Interstate bridge. In 2019-20, City and Trust entertained visions of a “makerspace.” City eventually acquired former library building for similar purpose, and VPD remained in place.

Artillery Barracks Floor Plans

The Artillery Barracks Building is both event and commercial rental space. First floor east side is event rental. The remainder is commercial. On the west side, the building’s original large spaces (~5,000 SF) have been preserved. One of the areas the Trust would like to study is best uses for these large spaces, which have been more difficult to rent to commercial tenants.

2009 NPS Map of Fort Vancouver National Site

National Park-Service-produced map of historic site for distribution to tourists. Though it is somewhat outdated due to its age, it remains mostly accurate and is still in use. The areas under consideration in the RFQ are Officers Row and the West Barracks. This is essentially an “L” rotated 45⁰ to the right, spanning Evergreen Blvd. from the West Entrance to the East Entrance, and the West Barracks area from the southern boundary of Martin Ct. northward.

Google Images Map of Site

This is a Google Images capture of the site, with a tighter crop on Officers Row and the West Barracks. The very small orange numbers are the buildings’ street addresses.


May 9 Preproposal Meeting

Recording of the May 9 Preproposal meeting held over Zoom.

Addendum Issued May 20

Brief addendum answering questions raised since RFQ was issued.


Online Submission Form

To submit your proposal, please fill out all of the form fields below, and submit your complete proposal, INCLUDING REQUIRED General Information Form, by 3:00 p.m. Tuesday, May 28, 2024.
Proposals may also be delivered by hand, UPS, USPS, or FedEx to:

Attn: Temple Lentz
The Historic Trust
OO Howard House
750 Anderson Street
Vancouver WA 98661

Max. file size: 50 MB.
Note: Files greater than 50 MB may not be delivered. If you have a larger file and need to make alternate arrangements, please consider reducing the file or, if you can’t, please separate them to send sequentially and email Temple to notify her. We are aware of this system limitation, and it will not negatively impact proposals.
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