Volunteer Opportunities at Vancouver’s Fireworks Spectacular

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Vancouver’s Fireworks Spectacular!

See below for descriptions of volunteer roles or click here to apply.

Volunteer shifts are just a few hours long, after a short training session prior to event day. All volunteers receive a Vancouver’s Fireworks Spectacular T-shirt, volunteer parking pass ($10 value), and snacks and water at the event.

Questions? Please contact us at volunteer@www.thehistorictrust.org or 360.992.1800.

Volunteer Roles

Volunteers serve as a liaison between the organization and the community and should be friendly and flexible, accommodating the needs of the community event.

Entry Gate Captain  Gate Support will report to the designated captain and handle guest/volunteer concerns. The Gate Captain will have access to a radio to contact staff members. The Gate Captain should be the only volunteer accessing the radio. The Gate Captain can also help facilitate when volunteers need breaks. The Gate Captain may also perform other volunteer tasks at the gate (donation collection, guest counting, welcoming guests) to ensure the gate is running smoothly.

Entry Gate Support  Gate Support will assist with donation collection, guest counting, and welcoming guests. Vancouver’s Fireworks Spectacular is free for the public to attend. We are asking for voluntary donations to support the firework show with a portion of all proceeds supporting the Lower Columbia Veterans Coalition, a collective made up of the Community Military Appreciation Coalition (CMAC), Vancouver Barracks Military Association (VBMA), Combat Veterans International Chapter 9 (CVI), Buffalo Soldiers – Moses Williams Pacific Northwest Chapter (Buffalo Soldiers), and Special Forces Association (SFA). Gate Support will collect cash donations and give change back if requested. Donations are cash only.

Volunteer Check-In Support   These volunteers will check-in other volunteers before they begin their shifts. Check-in volunteers by highlighting their names on the list of volunteers provided, names are listed alphabetically. A schedule of volunteers and their shifts will also be provided. After checking in, hand the volunteer a lanyard badge. When the volunteer checks-out, they should return their lanyard badge.

Lost Child Booth Support  The Lost Child Booth is the designated area for children, or parents of lost children, to request help. If a parent or relative reports a lost child, the volunteer will ask for the name and description of the child, and the last place and time the child was seen. The volunteer will then send this report on the radio provided, and all event staff and volunteers will be notified of a lost child. When the lost child is located and reunited with the parent, please send a report on the radio that the lost child has been found. If a child comes to the Lost Child Booth, please do your best to calm the child. Then, ask the child as much information as you can about their parents and their location. A report should also be sent out over the radio, but it is common for the parents to come looking at the Lost Child Booth themselves. There is also a bin provided for lost and found items.

First Aid Center Support  The nurses at this event are to provide care for minor injuries. There is an ambulance on-site next to the First Aid Center for emergency needs. Each golf cart carries a first aid kit, and The Historic Trust staff are CPR/First Aid certified.